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Shangskriti Utshab Sylhet

The Shangskriti Utshab was designed by Abashan in response to Bengal Foundation’s brief to turn the AMA Muhith Sports Complex at Sylhet into a venue for a multi-layered cultural festival, which would bring together audiences and artists from around the country. Drawing on Sylhet’s rich heritage of poetry and ballads, the 10 days long festival was conceived around a central stage for music, a hall for theatrical performances and screening films, an architectural exposition on the city of Sylhet, a food court featuring traditional Sylheti food and desserts and an exhibition on the streams of regional music and musical instruments. The committment was to present innovative programming and performances in a vibrant and energetic environment which would actively welcome and encourage the wider public to participate in the arts. The brief comprised design of festival layout, pavilions, displays, interiors, signage and artwork.


Lead architect: Tahmida Afroze
Team: Samira Awal
BIALS pavilion: Salauddin Ahmed


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