Aranya is one of the earliest a crafts initiative in Bangladesh, to exclusively focus on vegetable dyes. Aranya uses authentic natural dyes freshly prepared from ingredients such as Madder, Indigo, Cutch, and other varieties, every morning, in wonderful shades of blues, greens, maroons and more. It also develops and sources authentic and original crafts and designs from all over the country and makes it available at its outlets.
Architect Tahmida Afroze chose a design approach informed by Aranya’s philosophy, which is rooted in natural aesthetics, a thriving ecosystem and responsible living. Aranya’s palette of natural colours harnessed directly from the earth is central to the design idea. The architect gave precedence to intimately crafted spaces and displays, and rhythmic lines, contours and surfaces.

Principal architect: Tahmida Afroze
Architect in the Design Team: Samira Awal

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